Journey Creative Group

Our Team

Sheila Upshaw

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Sheila Upshaw started the company under the name Journey Web Development in February of 2004 after she left an amazing position with a property management company in Atlanta, Ga as their assistant controller.

Her passion switched from working with numbers to learning how to build websites and program databases. Starting with only 2 clients in 2004 it did not take long before the passion ignited in her soul that became contagious throughout the company with rapid growth, 99% of it by word-of-mouth to this day.

Proudly to be one of today's leader in the industry, she continues to deliver effective solutions and experiences for her clients across the United States and across the world.

SEO Research
“Journey was conceived from the passion in my heart and a desire to be part of something much bigger than I could ever build alone. Our team is passionate and aggressive, day & night working hard to share our client’s message with the same goal in mind, to increase occupancy and bring brand awareness. After 18 years, we keep growing with client success stories that bring awe-inspiring moments that solidifies why we do what we do, all by God’s Grace."

Cris Argalas Cris Argalas Web Development & SEO Director
Alex Nul Alex Nul Creative Director
Florencia Argalas Florencia Argalas Creative & Marketing Assistant
Benjamin Nissen Benjamin Nissen Marketing Assistant
Jacinta Elliot Jacinta Elliott Senior Graphic Designer
nacho Ignacio Rodrigo SEM Expert